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Can O' Crickets
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Product by: Zoo Med
Average Rating: 2.75 beardies

Zoo Med’s new Can O’ Crickets are the latest in reptile nutrition and convenience. These feeder insects are cooked in the can (called “retorting”) which locks in the flavor and freshness while also softening the exoskeleton for easier digestion. Ideal for most lizards, turtles, fish, birds and small animals.

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Posted by: Daveismydragon on 2013-08-17
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: Dave loved them. His digestive system hated them. He didn't poo for days and days. They may be better for fully grown beardies but Dave's stomach didn't agree.

Posted by: morphmom on 2013-06-08
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: Myah loves these. The smell is a little off putting but I keep a tin or two on hand for times when I run out of live food. Not for everyday use but good in a pinch.

Posted by: angeldragon on 2012-02-26
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: I fed these to my beardie when I ran out of crickets and he loved them. I wouldnt say use them as a steady protein food but when u cant get to ur local pet store ontime and your all out of crickets you might as well use them for back up right? I also tried can-o-worms and my beardie liked those too.

Posted by: PicosParent on 2011-12-25
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Pico absolutely loves these!!!! I have been having a hard time getting him to eat live ones and he won't eat the bites or the hard food or any greens desperation, I tried these and he ate 16 at the first try. Now, I have to actually put his live crickets in the fridge so they stop moving and put a few in the can with these and feed them to him that way. That way, I know he is still getting gut loaded ones and he is a happy dragon because he is still getting his canned delights. I do give him vitamins every other day also to be sure he is getting what he needs along with super worms every so often.

Posted by: KeishaRenee on 2011-09-11
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: Made my dragon sick!! She bloated up stopped moving I thought she was impacted and was giving her baths and a drop of oil, she finally defecated and shockingly there was a cricket that didn't digest hardly at alL!

Posted by: agilitygirl on 2011-07-12
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: I gave my beardie these crickets and i thought these were DISGUSTING!! they smelled like rotten olives and they were black. Before that my beardie would eat dead insects and after eating 3 of these he has never eating anything that does not move.

Posted by: toader361 on 2006-08-29
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: I have not heard of those problems before, but thanks. I used these when I was trying to teach Cricket to hunt and eat by herself. It worked well and she ate them no problem. Although if given the choice she will chase a cricket any day.

Posted by: Ozzy's Mom on 2006-08-01
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: BEWARE!!! Most beardies love these treats. However, if stored in a hot warehouse or if any bacteria has gotten in during the canning process, this food can KILL YOUR DRAGON. My vet says he says many sick beardies every week from bad or spoiled canned food. It almost killed my beardie. It made him so sick that I had to make an Emergency trip to the vet. By the time we got there, my beardie was almost dead.....finally after a lot of $$$$ in vet bills and 2 weeks of medications, my dragon recovered. IS IT WORTH THE RISK TO YOU??

Posted by: ghr15 on 2006-06-15
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My beardie loves them I had to feed him by hand at first but now he will eat them out of a dish. Great for an alternative to live foods.

Posted by: GordonRocks on 2005-11-20
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: it has killed 1 of my dragons

Posted by: CheriS on 2005-10-30
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: What can I say, they look awful to me, but the dragons go crazy for them, even the picky eaters. I donot think I would use or recommend them as a staple, but as a treat as I am unsure how well they are gutloaded prior to canning and if that degrades them any

Posted by: kaida's mum on 2005-09-21
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: draco seems to love them i started to feed them to him by hand at first but then i spotted him eating them himself out of his dish i think there great i also give him the can o pillas as well they are supposed to be the same as silkies he loves them to

Posted by: mike's_dad on 2005-09-01
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: Mike likes these too. The only reason I rated a 4 rather than 5 is that he prefers the canned silkies. These crickects actually come in two different sizes so any age dragon can eat them. They tend to be plump and juicy and there is no need to chase down the uneaten ones. Simply discard them with the old salad at the next feeding. Only draw back is that it does take a bit of time hand feeding before a dragon realizes that it's food.

Posted by: mark thorpe on 2005-07-25
Rating: 0 beardies
Comments: Not something i would even consider for derek. too risky in my opinion, you dont know weather they have been gutloaded properley, weather they had good living conditions prior to being killed, and also the preservatives that have been used..

Posted by: YodaDragon on 2005-07-18
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: These are the best for people who don't like to keep live crickets around (like me). If you start your beardie on them right away, they love them. They also have the moisture locked in to keep your beardie hydrated.

Posted by: nuts4hotwheels on 2005-07-16
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: My beardie seems to like them, but not as much as the live thing. He will only eat them if I hand feed them to him and make them move a little. They might work better with a vibrating dish.