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Classy Lizard Hammocks
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Product by: The Classy Lizard
Average Rating: 3 beardies

Classy Lizard Hammocks are made of a washable, durable, leather-like fabric. Herps especially love them when placed under a basking light. The extra bonus is, the material holds heat and warms their bellies, so they get heat from top and bottom. The Classy Lizard Hammock is easily disinfected due to it's nonporous surface, a very important aspect of any enclosure furnishing. Just wipe or soak with your favorite nontoxic disinfectant. Metal eyelets are used to secure the hooks to prevent tearing of the material (as mesh does). The suction cups used are stated to hold 3+ pounds, are UV protected and will not yellow with age. There is also a clear coating on the end of the hook to protect from injury. The hammocks measure approximately 16" x 8".

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Posted by: mybeardieslovefood on 2010-06-02
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: The suction cups suck. It worked for like two days.

Posted by: ITYBITTYBANDGEEK on 2007-03-23
Comments: Love it! I have two, one higher than the other, but both on the same side opposite corners. That way my beardie can get closer to the light or not.

Posted by: Styg on 2006-05-12
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Well mine did'nt have a cigarette smell. I used them for the guys when they were going through their parasite treatment, because they're easy to clean. I would recommend them for anybody with a reptile who's currently being treated for mites or parasites, since keeping the tank is so important. But overall, I think my guys preferred their rocks.

Posted by: StumpysOwner on 2006-02-09
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: I would love to give this product a 5 star rating but due to the fact that the hammock was shipped to me with a HORRID smoke/cigarette smell, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. I have had it wash the hammock several times and put it on our back porch to air it out and the smell is still not out. I was really quite dissapointed!

Posted by: taransteve on 2006-02-01
Comments: Zues "Loves" his hammock, he lays around all day basking and being lazy! They tend to get old quick from the heat and the suction cups sometimes fall leaving Zues hangin but other than that they're great!

Posted by: CheriS on 2005-10-30
Comments: I have used these for about 3 years now. We switched over to them when one of the our dragons caught and ripped off a nail and part of the large toe in the mest ones. They are easy to clean, hold up well and most of all SAFE, When used over a Play Sand box under the heat source, it is not only a nice basking/resting area for them, but also makes a cave like area that is a great digging and hiding spot they enjoy