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Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp
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Product by: Zoo Med
Average Rating: 4 beardies

Zoo Med Ceramic Lamps have an on/off switch! Clamp Lamps provide a heat source for reptiles that need a basking area. Ceramic clamp lamps are designed to hold ceramic or high wattage bulbs.

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Posted by: tgolden on 2012-08-11
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: good product i have three. i also have two of the fluckers dome lights and not sure there is a difference in the two brands. they both look like the same light and the fluckers is a few bucks cheaper.

Posted by: Thebeardedwoman on 2005-09-07
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: This does the baby seems to enjoy herself under the "sun." It does get hot, without melting anything. Erika

Posted by: bigcat03 on 2005-08-25
Rating: 4 beardies
Comments: Good product that gets the job done well. It's eaisly positioned in just about any position you want. It IS a bit pricey though. That's why it gets the 4. For about half the price you could get an 8" clamp light at Wal-Mart in the hardware section.