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Cricket Corral
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Product by: Pet-Tech
Average Rating: 3 beardies

An easy way to house, feed and dispense crickets to your insectivores. As needed, just remove the wand and tap out as many crickets as desired. The Corral also offers a convenient area for "gut loading" your crickets. The Small holds 12 dozen pinhead or 6 dozen small crickets, and the Large holds 6 dozen medium or 5 dozen large crickets. This is an efficient system for handling and raising crickets for your reptiles. Custom design makes feeding and vitaminizing your crickets easy while keeping them in the tub with the escape-proof cricket wand. Easy to clean plastic tub with well ventilated lid and escape proof cricket wand. When properly cared for, crickets will last their entire life in a Cricket Corral.

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Posted by: Terrifiedone on 2006-02-04
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: A decent product, but as mentioned below the cardboard tube does rot and get all nasty after an extended period of time. I also had a bit of trouble with escaping crickets, but for the life of me I can't remember why.

Posted by: beardie
Rating: 3 beardies
Comments: Not bad. Although I prefer the Kricket Keeper. My primary issue with this is that the tube is a thick cardboard. While fairly strong, it does eventually erode. It's not a bad product, but not as durable as I would like.