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ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Bulb
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Product by: Zoo Med
Average Rating: 5 beardies

This latest advancement in reptile UVB lighting is effective at distances up to 20” (compared to 12” with the ReptiSun 5.0). Taller habitats, screen cages, and tank covers can all reduce the amount of UVB reaching your reptiles; the high output ReptiSun 10.0 will ensure that your reptile receives beneficial levels of UVB even in these situations. UVB emissions last one year before lamp needs to be replaced. ReptiSun 10.0 is available in 18, 24, 36, and 48 inch fluorescent tubes to fit most terrarium applications.

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Posted by: Lizzylovesbeardies on 2013-10-14
Comments: Apparently this is the best bulb out there. But i cant afford this one yet, can anyone tell me what the cheapest alternative is? Is Reptiglo 8.0 good enough for a baby untill the light needs replacement?

Posted by: crazykyle709 on 2011-04-04
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I LOVE THIS BULB!!!!!! My bearded dragon has been so much happier energetic with this bulb! her colors really come out now with this! I would recommend this to anyone!!!!

Posted by: Dragonpuff on 2010-07-21
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I switched over to this bulb, and my Dragon quickly perked up and became more animated. The difference is amazing!! Its a little difficult to find one on a store shelf around here, but it was well worth the hunt and the slightly higher price tag. Go get one! Your Beardie will thank you!

Posted by: Onyxia on 2010-03-08
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Before I got my Beardie, she was just stuck with a normal heat bulb.. no UV lamp in site.. she was very quiet and a little lethargic i noticed so I visited here and I got this product... and so far a(it has been 24 hours from the date on this), she has been eating a lot more and she is very active.. and it stays cool enough on the cool side during the day.. she is in heaven! I recommend this... ^_^

Posted by: chadwick757 on 2009-03-30
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Had been using other bulbs in the past, but switched when I found this forum. Noticed more activity shortly after. Great bulb.

Posted by: beardie on 2008-08-13
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: For a tube, it's currently (please reference the date of this rating to ensure it's still reasonably valid) the one I recommend!

Posted by: GtBaba on 2008-04-14
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: The best light I have owned after many, brings out most energy in your BD's

Posted by: eduk8rdragon on 2007-04-21
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: Journey is much more active with the new enclosure and lighting/heating. I feel very confident that the bulb is one of the main reasons he is doing so well!

Posted by: Jonathon on 2006-07-23
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I've recently purchased this bulb to try in one of my beardie enclosures and it is GREAT! My beardie is now eating alot more and is much more active.

Posted by: dragonmaster2323 on 2006-02-13
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: this bulb rocks as soon as i put it in my enclosure my dragons started breading a week later. and their appitites increased a whole lot.

Posted by: spikydemon on 2006-01-09
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: just orderd it cant wait to see if it helps!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: bigcat03 on 2005-11-15
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: GREAT bulb that you can normally find for about $20.00 + s/h. I noticed an increase in appetite and activity after switching bulbs with my beardie.

Posted by: sb on 2005-10-09
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This is the only UVB light I've trusted for years for different lizards. It seems to be the best bet if you need to go through mesh or wire screens. It also doesn't seem to get as hot as other lights I've seen, which makes it work well with a basking light/spot.

Posted by: Thebeardedwoman on 2005-09-07
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: This is great, it appears to work rather well. My beardie seems to have more energy and activity has increased since I changed from a 5.0 to a 10.0 bulb. I think it filters through the mesh screen better.

Posted by: Kshennya on 2005-08-26
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I have a wire mesh top cage so got this for the stronger UVB output. Seems to be working well in my setup.

Posted by: Jo on 2005-07-22
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I started to use this on my baby beaded dragon. He/she gets close to it and has grown like a weed. It is the one of the best products out there.

Posted by: girlingtonblue on 2005-07-17
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: My one dragon perked right up with the new light. I have screen tops to my cages and a longer distance to travel to get the light to them. This light seems to fit the bill.