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ESU Tropical Treasures Basking Stump
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Product by: ESU Reptile
Average Rating: 3.5 beardies

ESU Reptile Tropical Treasures Basking Stumps are designed to be a natural looking stump shelter and are great addition to any terrarium. It provides a comfortable basking area for your terrestrial reptiles. The basking stump is easy to climb and provides an excellent shelter for your reptiles. You will also find that ESU Tropical Treasures Basking Stumps are super easy to clean.

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Posted by: polishmafia on 2005-08-17
Rating: 2 beardies
Comments: Sure, this thing might be easy to clean, and it may look sort of like a dead tree, but I dont think its that great for bearded dragons. Beardies will outgrow this thing pretty fast, and it does not heat up from the bottom to warm their tummies as well as a big flat rock would.

Posted by: hollym
Rating: 5 beardies
Comments: I haven't used this in my Beardie cage but it is in my Hermit Crab tank! The crabbies love it. There are 3 holes (one in the back) so even my biggest ones fit in. The outside is textured enough that they can easily climb up. I put treats on the top to encourage them to get some exercise.