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Enclosures Enclosure/Tank Measurement Conversions

Written by Alex Sleeis in 2004

Often times people will ask you, "what size is your tank?" Do you give them the dimensions? Do give them gallons? It's easy enough to measure the dimensions of your enclosure, but how do you determine how many gallons it is? These questions seem to come up time and time again. So, I've decided to write this brief article explaining the conversion and simple formula.

The basic formula to convert cubic inches into US gallons is:

Width x Depth x Height ÷ 231 = Gallons

Now we will try an example with a common tank size. 48" (4 feet) wide/long, 18" deep, and 18" high. That's:

48 x 18 x 18 ÷ 231
= 15,552 ÷ 231
= 67.3 gallons

Most would just call it a 67 gallon tank.

That's it. Now you can easily do the math.
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