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    New owner trying to start out right.

    You don't have to actually take him into the vet. Just collect a sample of his poop in a sealed container, a zip lock baggy, an asprin bottle(i would rinse throughly first) ect. They want it within 24 hours of the bowel movement. This will save your beardie the stress of the vet visit. They...
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    Femoral Pores Coming Out

    A flat piece of sandstone, or flat walkway pavers from you local hardware are great options. You can use any rock though just make sure to sanitize anything you might happen to pick up outside.
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    Mature beardie - star gazing and black beard

    I am so sorry for you loss, they aren't pets they are family. At his age you did the right thing but damn it sucks. Truely my condolences.
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    Fruit The Beardie

    My girlfriend has a rehab that is stunted also, she a tiny as well. I was considering having her spayed because i was afraid she would egg bind due to her size. She laid 17 eggs about two weeks ago, we didnt even know she was gravid, and this dragon is SPOILED. We handle her alot. She went off...
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    Rescuing Simon

    My phone is all shattered it makes hard to see any fine detail. If your fairly certain there in an issue it might be a good idea to have a vet take a look.
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    To Multiple Beardie Owners....

    Lmao :cool:
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    New owner trying to start out right.

    Oh and yes the licking everything is normal. It's the equivalent of a dog sniffing. They have an organ in the roof of their mouth called a Jackobs (Spelling?) organ when they lick they stick their tongue to it and it tells them about their environment.
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    New owner trying to start out right.

    What a cutie!! The meal worms are not a great idea for a baby, their exoskeleton is hard for them to digest. Pin head crickets, black soldiers fly larva, or dubias are way better options. When they are babies they need a ton of protein, if you can get them to eat salad thats a bonus. He is...
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    Fruit The Beardie

    Does she glass surf or try to dig? At 4 years she could be gravid. They will loose their appetite a few weeks before they lay. You might want to give her a dig box and see what she does.
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    Fruit The Beardie

    Hello and welcome. Fruit is a cutie. 11 inches counting her tail or not counting her tail? Dubias are a great staple feeder as well. Silkworms are really great also if you can get them. Hornworms are usually the trick to get a stubborn beardie to eat, but they have drawbacks 1) they get...
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    What genetics will the babies carry?

    Na you didn't sound ignorant that stuff gives me a headache to, i WANT to understand it but so far it eludes me lol. My girlfriend would name and try to keep every single one if i were to breed them, thats the second reason i don't. The first is i can't stand the thought of sending a baby...
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    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    It's hysterical the things they will single out to not like. My first beardie never met a ceiling fan she liked, and now i have one that hates the a/c vents lol. It sounds like Qeutzal is going to do good, i love happy endings :)
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    Rankins Shedding

    I don't know enough about the Rankins to be able to be helpful, but your dragons is absolutely beautiful.
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    Reptile Fandom Youtube

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    Rescuing Simon

    Ahh ok I didn't realize it could effect just the scales. Think you for the info, i think im going to research this and yf both so i can be more helpful in the future. I see tail rot and yf questions on here almost daily.
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