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    Bonding time with my loved ones ❤️
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    Handsome boy 😍😍😍
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    Enjoying my weekend sunbath 😎
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    Swelling Eye

    Oh yes she eats well...
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    Swelling Eye

    Yes so much better after adjusting the light.
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    Swelling Eye

    As of today so much better compared to that day. I agree with what you all said the lighting is the problem.
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    Swelling Eye

    Hi can you show me how does this fixture looks like? As it is not easy to find stuffs here in Malaysia.
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    Swelling Eye

    Ok will go look for it. As for the substrate, earlier it was dessert sand then I changed it to a tile. The tank size is 45cm × 45cm × 35cm(H)
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    Swelling Eye

    It's solar glo (80w) I got it in a set when I got Amber.
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    Swelling Eye

    I am using this lighting.
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    Swelling Eye

    Amber has this eye problem for a month now. It was tearing at first so I have been putting the normal saline solution for her. Now it is like this. What can I do to treat her?
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    March 2022 Photo Competition Winners!

    Amber also says thank you for voting her...😍😍😍
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    Hi folks I'm Amber 😊. Come join me to chill out on these lovely green palms...
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