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    puffing out beard?

    mine does the open mouth as well. and he is about 5 months old and is 7 inches.....not very big.
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    puffing out beard?

    I just saw my beardie puff out his beard for the firt time. he/she looked a little intimidating when he was doing it! what does this mean? he also claws at the glass and runs around his tank a lot. what is all of this behavior?
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    my beardie is small?

    10 inches!! mine is the same age and only about 7 inches. I do everything right. he just doesnt eat a lot :cry:
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    If your going to charge me for a dozen then give me a dozen.

    I went and picked up a bag of "24 count" that i just was begged, ( i like fresh) and i make them get fresh ones for me but since i just saw them bagged i ssnatched them up. well i got hime and there were 8 CRICKETS IN THE BAG!!! i saved the reciept and today when i go get crix i will tell them i...
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    is a shower bad for a beardie?

    My bearded dragon is about 7 inches long and he LOVES to take showers because he likes the warm running water. I was wondering if it would be harmful for him if i took him to the shower with me when i take showers at school? its a private shower with its own bathroom and he loves to run and...
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    what to do what to do. **Pics Added**

    how am i supposed to force feed a bearded dragon 30-70 crickets a day? I feed him as much as he will eat and take out the rest. I can not force him to eat.
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    what to do what to do. **Pics Added**

    he eats between 6-12 crix a day. and a few wax worms.
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    First time owning a Bearded Dragon?Need help Quick PLEASE!!!

    I am not trying to offend anyone, but a bearded dragon was NOT the pet to buy on impulse, especially knowing very little about the animal. Good thing we are all here to help! :study: read up!
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    what to do what to do. **Pics Added**

    wow ok let me try and answer all of these questions...I am using a digital thermomiter that is read out where he basks all the time. He has a 50watt heat lamp that keeps his temps perfect because he isn't in a deep tank (the bulb is clear) he has a zoo med 10.0 tube light that it on 90 percent...
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    what to do what to do. **Pics Added**

    yeah I am worried about his size. He has a 20L tank with a 10.0 UVB strip light and his basking temps are between 100 and 105 and his cool side is 80. He refises to eat salad or fruit and wont drink from a dish, I let him drink water from a syringe whevener he is thirsty. He eats crickets and...
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    what to do what to do. **Pics Added**

    Yesterday i brought my beardie out for some tome on the bed. he is about 7 inches now and i got him a day before Thanksgiving and I think he should be bigger but thats a different story. He was on my bed and apparently does not like me. he runs away from me and jumps and runs at any chance he...
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    I'm losing patience!

    So i just took my beardie out for a little night time stretch and just to hang out with me ( im in a dorm :twisted: ) and he loves to lay on my bed but he ALWAYS runs away and wont let me near him...unlike all the beardies i hear here that cuddle and are well behaved...and he RAN away from me...
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    his basking temps are around 100 and his cool side is 80.
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    My bearded dragon has been acting strange lately. he sits and basks on his drift wood and has been eating some but he just went through a shed but he has been very dark. He us usually very light pastel colored and had white nails but he has been very dark lately. Anything I can do?
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    WHYYY so mean?

    i got him 4 days before thanksgiving. hes about 7-8 inches now...mostly tail of course :roll: and i just try and handle him a lot because i dont want a mean beardie when he gets older. he is really active in his tank as well. hes just being a brat! thankfully he hasnt hissed or bitten me.
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