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    Questions about leatherback dragons

    yes all their spikes and scales are reduced
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    Where do you get your dragon names?

    I got stewie's name from family guy (the little evil baby) I named my second dragon pancake because he likes to lay down on his stomoch a lot (like a pancake) I named my third dragon nacho because he an orange citris so he kinda looks like a nacho my brother named his gecko milkshake because at...
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    Who has the laziest BD?

    one of my beardies (nacho) won't get up unless I wake him up. And he does that EVERY SINGLE DAY!
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    Who has the laziest BD?

    I just wanted to do a poll on who has the laziest BD and why so I'll go first. I think I have the laziest BD because today when I got home from school I found myself looking at one of my BD's asleep under his blanket. After doing some investigating it turns out he actually got up took a poop...
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    Temperature question

    I live in AK and the summer temps are on average 50-70 degrees F. I really want to start taking my beardies outside but I'm worried about the temps. Can I take them out at these temps and if so, for how long would you guys recommend?
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    Taming a Beardie

    does anyone know any tricks on taming a small beardie?
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    Taming a Beardie

    Hey, guys I am beardie sitting for my friend for the next 2-4 days. The beardie is 2-3 months old and mean, I just went over to feed him, when I got here he bit me, when I left I could pet him without hissing or running away. All I did was slowly put my hand in the tank and slowly and lowly got...
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    OK, thanks I'll have to get some supers (unfortunately there the only other worms available to me) But is it true you have to smash their heads?
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    I juggle so I always have juggling balls laying around and my beadies like to chase them when I role them around (their favorite are my gold/back ones :D) they also have a stuffed animal armadillo.
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    no they each have their own tank. and they are on sand but never eat inside the tank. and no, they had a beardie sitter the whole I was gone, she was actually staying at my house except for the last week. the last week she was coming in to take care of the beardies every two days.
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    does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I was on vacation for a month and on the last week my beardie sitter only came in every 2-3 days.when I got back my beardies were pooping every day, now their not. They are still pooping but not every day. I know that my beadie sitter was not taking them baths and handling them because it was a...
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    My BD is soooooo spoiled...

    my beardies are spoiled because they get a bath every two days, they get put to bed under a blanket every night, i take them outside whenever i get the chance, they get handled and played with at least an hour a day, and they get their tank cleaned weekly.... they also get a wax worm every...
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    Gone for June

    they are turning a year old sometime this june. yes all the lights are set on timers, how much extra do you guys suggust i feed them? last time i over fed one and he threw up :(
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