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    Dry eyes/ lethargic?? Help!!

    NO I sold the 20 gal. I'm keeping her in a 75 I believe now? Her temp high is 105 and low 80s? Her uvb is tube, stretches across her tank. Can't post a picture of her eye by the time posting to now it's gotten back to normal. I blended some challards and superworms with a dash of vitamins and...
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    Dry eyes/ lethargic?? Help!!

    I have a beardie I rescues about a month ago, she has Muscular dystrophy!! Anyways when I first got her she had a small respiratory infection so I used a nebulizer on for a few times and now she's better on that. And after first getting her, she started eating very well and was becoming really...
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    Beardie swallow a pill? (Here's what to do!)

    Here's what to do!! (This was just experienced with me and this is how I got it out. Background of how it happened. I had a Tylenol on the floor that fell out of my shirt pocket [I didn't realize or else I would have picked it up imidiatly]. He [my beardie Mason] was hanging out with me and...
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