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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Hi Everyone, thank you all so much! Update: I changed the light bulb and that really seemed to help on top of all the other advice. I do think the previous bulb was more than ready to be changed. He is eating food I give him and eating all his greens (well every other day or so it completely...
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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Thank you Gail! What size dubia is best? ( inch wise)? So it would be more like 60-65% greens. Thank you so much and I’m so glad he is doing better!
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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Update: he pooped and messed it all over the place. It was not the dry wings and things kind of poop. And he was on the branch holding his head up. So that’s awesome. He flicked his tongue out which he does when he wants something but he didn’t take any kind of bug. But he runs to the other side...
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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Hi Karrie, I actually feed escarole and endive. At home I use the generic term ‘lettuce.’ So I am sorry I misspoke. Ok once he warms up this morning I will try it from a spoon. If he doesn’t seem interested and closes his eyes what do I do? He has been closing his eyes for his favorite bugs so...
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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Hi Tracie, Thank you so much for your help! Saturday was the first time I EVER saw his beard go black. We had the reception after the funeral at my house. His cage is upstairs and all the people were on the main floor. So I wasn’t sure if he was sick or if he heard/felt all the unusual activity...
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    Possible life threatening- Impaction????

    Hello everyone, I am super concerned about my dragon. I left out of town and had a person taking care of him. She did a great job previously, however this time, she decided to feed him only big dubias because that’s all he wanted to eat. So instead of using the dubias I had prepared she took...
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    Normal ear or problem?

    He is behaving normal no balance issues or head tilt. I don’t know what normal should be but is he ok??
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    Rehoming ??

    Thank you all so much
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