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    ~9 months old, not eating nearly as much anymore.

    That is about the age I started cutting back on bugs for my guy because he was doing the same thing. I would offer bugs everyday and sometimes he would only eat like 2-3 roaches. Everything else was good, activity levels were normal, and his poops were looking good, although that changed from...
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    Be Honest

    I try to resist because "salmonella and other diseases," but it's just too hard. Definitely cuddle whenever he tolerates it and occasionally slip in a kiss here and there :)
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    My bearded dragon keeps trying to climb everything.

    Where is the T5, on top of the screen or inside the enclosure and how far away from the basking spot? Also, is it a 10.0 bulb or the 5.0 that comes with the Reptisun fixture?
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    To The Teeth

    Beardies have teeth from birth, though sometimes they can be hard to see because they are so small. They don't have a "baby" set and "adult" set of teeth and don't naturally lose them and grow a new set. Some can regrow if lost and some can't though.
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    Beardie shedding. Can i hold him?

    You can absolutely hold him. Just be sure to let the shed do its thing and not try to help out by pulling it off. They can get cranky during a shed though, so don't be too surprised if he isn't too into it.
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    They definitely have some odd behaviors. I'm finally getting used to most of my guys' after more than a year, but it's amazing how many times I got freaked out by something only to come on here or another site and find out, "Yeah that's normal, they're just really weird."
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    Stuck shed on stub/injured tail

    You can use a soft bristle baby toothbrush to help out as well. Brush in the direction of the scales while in the bath.
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    Don't judge me...

    They lick everything, so make sure the area is free of anything that could harm them. I've read stories of beardies swallowing needles, pen caps, plastic, all kinds of things. If they can fit it in their mouth they will probably try to eat it, especially young ones. They are also much faster...
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    Juvenile, 6-8 months old not eating, sleeping all day.

    Clear bright white basking bulb like ExoTerra Intense basking or ZooMed Repti Basking Spot. I would recommend getting rid of that UVB coil and switching to a T5 tube UVB with a reflector hood. The way that coil is set up it is not providing enough UVB at best and actually doing harm at worst...
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    It's time for a new viv!

    The only ones I know of that "allow" for a UVB strip would be a custom one. I know Carolina Custom Cages has some that come with built in fixtures, but they are very pricey. I would think your options would be a custom build like that, build your own or like Karrie and most others do, mount it...
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    What's the name of your beardie(s) and the meaning behind it?

    Mine was originally a house pet at the residential treatment facility I worked at and was named IHOP (International House of Pets) by one of the residents. We had just gone to eat at IHOP as an incentive. The name never quite felt right though, so when that resident left he was renamed Smaug...
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    I could be wrong but I don't believe those will be usable for reptiles. The ones for reptiles are specifically made to put out a certain amount of UVB. Those regular ones from Walmart won't be producing usable amounts.
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    Baby beardie

    I personally would recommend a tube whether you do the mercury bulb or not. I know people have used them successfully and they definitely provide more UVB than the coils, but some of the other limitations are similar in my opinion. Tube gives more coverage and more options for the dragon. With a...
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    Baby beardie

    There are a lot of things that can effect appetite. Relocation stress is a big one and the least concerning. It can take several weeks for them to settle down and get used to new surroundings. Most immediately concerning would be parasites or infection. Since you are feeding mealworms there is...
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    Question about vitamin supplement

    Never heard it from a vet, but that's pretty much how I treat those kind of things. Mine does eat dusted foods, but he goes nuts for the Hikari Dragon Delite pellets and the Repashy Beardie Buffet, so I give him one of those instead of or in a salad once a week and count it as a vitamin. I've...
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