Beardie name(s)
Spike, Electra
Beardie's Birthdate
Dec 25, 2019
Salad daily (mustard, turnip, dandelion greens, small amounts of varied squashes, 1-2 berries (blue or razzy), etc. Crickets, roaches, silkworms as staples. Treats are hornworms, superworms.
Enclosure Dimensions
4x2x2’ for male, 4’x18”x18” female (upgrade pending)
Enclosure Temperatures
Basking - 90-100. Cool - 73-74
Thermometer Type
UVB Source
24” Arcadia 14%
UVB Placement
Screen top gradient of 6-8”
Basking Light
100w standard basking bulb, 150w dimmable fixture hooked to herpstat
Basking Schedule
8-8 on/off for all lights
Zen brand mat, shelf liner
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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  • D1AC13E8-70CA-42D8-B743-64031B51D577.jpeg
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