Beardie name(s)
Drogon <3 RIP 2019- March 11, 2024 Lily: new girl in the house/ 5 months old
Beardie's Birthdate
Oct 19, 2019
Beardie's Gender
Adoption/Purchase Date
Oct 19, 2019
Spring mix with 3-5 dubias or supers every other day alternating with a tsp of BSFL
Enclosure Dimensions
4x2x2 reptile tank
Enclosure Temperatures
cool side 75-80/ basking 91-105 different levels
Thermometer Type
IR temp gun
UVB Source
Reptisun t5 36 inch
UVB Placement
inside tank
Basking Light
Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot 100 W
Basking Schedule
lights on 9 AM lights off 9 pm
Zen Habitats mat
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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