Beardie name(s)
Lyra and Reginald
Beardie's Birthdate
Nov 30, 2020
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
18 inches
Adoption/Purchase Date
Dec 20, 2021
gut loaded locusts offered 2x 3 weekly, silk worms offered, spring greens, red pepper, kale, carrots, butternut squash, offered daily
Enclosure Dimensions
L:115cm x D:37.5cm x H:132cm
Enclosure Temperatures
basking spot 41 degrees celcius to 38 degrees, cool end is 26-28 degrees, viv drops to 26 degrees at night
Thermometer Type
Digital with a probe
UVB Source
Arcadia 14% dragonlamp
UVB Placement
8 inches from dragon on ceiling of viv
Basking Light
75watt basking day bulb by exoterra
Basking Schedule
non adhesive shelf liner


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