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    living with yellow fungus

    Thank you everyone, it has been a very tough time for me. Pixels beard went black on February 1, And I watched it until February 4 and saw no improvement and called my vet right away. I knew she had given up and that it was time even though I really wasnt ready. She was a huge fighter and I...
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    living with yellow fungus

    Another update. Today the battle came to an end, pixel is no longer with us. Thank you everyone for your support this past year. Its been very appreciated, and she left the world peacefully and very loved.
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    living with yellow fungus

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It is very reassuring to know other people would have made the same decisions I did. I will keep everyone as updated as I can on how she is doing. And yes she totally is spoiled. She gets extra raspberries all the time because theyre her favorite.
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    living with yellow fungus

    AN UPDATE ON PIXEL: i haven't been on in a while but i thought i'd let everyone know how she is doing. Pixel still has yellow fungus. It's been over a year now that we've been fighting it. We do not have her on any medication anymore, because in reality she's dying anyways. The medicine makes...
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    living with yellow fungus

    Thanks so much, no I haven't given it to her yet, I was waiting to hear back from you. I will give it to her first thing tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll mix it with apple juice since she likes the taste. She's still good. Fat little pixel. Growing like a weed. She lost the tip of her tail and a...
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    living with yellow fungus

    It's not a powder it's a liquid. and the bottle doesn't provide much information?
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    living with yellow fungus

    Tracie! Would you know how much of the grapefruit seed extract would be safe to give her?
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    living with yellow fungus

    It's been a while, I thought I'd give an update on Pixel. She's doing great. Happy and hungry all the time :) We finally found some grapefruit seed extract which I've read good reviews on with helping yellow fungus, so once I find out how much/how often I can give it to her I will be starting...
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    Is this Yellow Fungus?!

    My Pixel is going on two years now :) It's not a death sentence for sure unless you make it one! Beardies are great fighters if you let them. When I thought Pixel was suffering and came to terms with putting her down, my vet said no. She wasn't ready to give up and he was so right. Good luck...
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    My New Rescued Beardie

    Congratulations on finding Jayden! He is very handsome, he actually looks almost identical to my Osiris! Osiris' growth was stunted as he refused to eat on his own most of his baby months. very cute! This is Osiris! So so similar!
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    I'm Losing Him

    I'm so sorry you lost him, at least he is at peace now and I hope you are too. Maybe one day you will meet a beardie that is right for you, but it takes time. Don't rush. Also when I disinfect my tanks (which are large, heavy and awkward) I open a window in the room and use a spray bottle...
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    Fluid Filled Belly *UPDATE* Feb 2, 2015

    very happy to hear she is still with you! and that she ate now! poor girl must not have liked being in a tub for so long! glad everything went okay with your move... good luck with everything! I hope you find some answers.
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    Osiris loves his car rides

    thanks :) he is quite the handsome little guy!
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    Beardie Face Shedding Issue

    ah yes voriconazole did wonders for my girl too. will be looking into that shampoo. thank you!
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    Severe Issue w/Major Beardie Leg Injury

    How is Brock doing now?!
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