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    Hiding/sleeping, + for pinworms but vet won't treat

    Following because I am going through almost the exact same thing myself for a similar aged female. Vet appointment early next week to see what is going on. Ryan
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    From what I have seen in looking for enclosures is that for terrariums in larger sizes they are usually wooden or PVC. I think PVC were more expensive than wooden enclosures. What I ordered was a 120 gal which is 48x24x24. At that size glass becomes heavy and cumbersome and pretty expensive. Not...
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    For sure! With the background I’m not sure I just have a towel wrapped around my current tank and the upgrade I ordered is pvc so it only has glass on the front. From what I can remember the thrive UVB even the tube bulbs aren’t that great. You should reach out to...
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    Hey there! Im pretty new myself but have gotten a ton of helpful information on here. Im sure you will get more knowledgeable ppl here to help out but I guess I can give my two cents. You are definitely wanting to get a bigger tank and preferably one with front opening doors. The minimum size...
  6. R enclosure

    Hey there everyone! I was just curious if anyone has any experience with these enclosures? They are a new product for this company and are reasonably priced at about $250. It is a 4x2x2 pvc enclosure. Thanks! Ryan
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    Tips for coccidia treatments?

    I actually used my brain and looked inside of infectious diseases forum and found the info I was looking for. Sorry to put up unnecessary posts! -Ryan
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    Tips for coccidia treatments?

    Hey all, well my little one was diagnosed with coccidia today and we started treatment. I have been making sure she is hydrated and all that good stuff but what are some tips for making sure this treatment works for her? Will zoo med wipe out be sufficient for cleaning or will I need to find...
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    Returning to work, need advice for leaving beardie @ home!

    I would say start adjusting the light schedule so she is up for an few hours before you would have to leave for work. Feed her before you leave and take care of everything else once you get home from work. Mine goes regularly every morning around 8:30 so I’m able to clean up her poop before I...
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    Just did a dumb thing, oh man.

    If you have a small critter carrier just put them in there with some carrot and greens. If you can manage add some cardboard egg carton pieces and stash them away. They will live and a good feeder. Though not crazy fast they can move a bit but they are not good at climbing and don’t fly. Good...
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    Not sure if sick or not, already tried vet.

    Hey there, it seems your basking temps are to high. They should be between 100-110. What type of UVB light are you using, a coil or tube? I would start by getting those temps down a bit and move out from there if that doesn’t help. -Ryan
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    A few questions about my girl!

    Thank you and if that’s her age she is much younger than I originally guessed. Looks like I should have started that dubia colony I was thinking about cause she can eat and if that goes on for another 6-8 months that’s a lot of bugs! Lol -Ryan
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    A few questions about my girl!

    Here is a few pics from this morning after breakfast! Greens are a rotation of collards, mustard, turnip, dandelion greens and kale. Not all at once but rotate as I get things. She gets veggies every few days bell peppers, and carrots mostly. She enjoys blueberry but only occasionally. -Ryan
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