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    Swollen, watery, crusty eyes

    He’s doing much better now. I texted the vet about it. He told me I just had to increate the temperature in the room he’s at, and it seems to be working (his eyes are significantly less swollen, crusty & watery). I checked the lighting, humidity & temps with the vet and everything seems to be...
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    Swollen, watery, crusty eyes

    Yes, definitely. Sorry for my inactivity. I texted the vet and he told me I had to increase the temperatures in the room where he’s at, and once I did, the swell calmed down as well as the crusty & watery eyes. He’s now starting to eat. Yesterday I checked the temps, humidity & lighting with the...
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    Swollen, watery, crusty eyes

    I’ve recently brought my beardie (he’s 2 years old) to the vet for the same symptoms (swollen, watery eyes) and just when the treatment was done, it came back (he, for some reason, also started having less energy and his appetite decreased significantly). The vet said I just needed to do some...
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    Is this mouth rot?

    Thank you for the information. I will be looking forward to doing that. I do occasionally offer him roaches, crickets or even grasshoppers. I used to give him super worms (just occasionally) a long time ago, but that’s done.
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    Is this mouth rot?

    I use a ZooMed digital thermometer. His basking temps are of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (36/37 Celsius). On the cool side it’s of around 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 Celsius). He is able to sit under the uvb. I’m still not sure of how to install the reptisun 10.0 (tube) without it falling.
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    Is this mouth rot?

    I’m finding a way. The tank is open on the top and too large to put these tubes all through. This is a picture of it. (This was when it was still WIP now it has the uvb in front of the heat at the right)
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    Is this mouth rot?

    It is a coil. It is not giving heat at all, what I mean was that the uvb bulb was in front of the heat one, so if the dragon wants to bask it also has to get underneath the heat one. I will be looking into changing that tho.
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    Is this mouth rot?

    He just sleeps or lays down, he is still full of energy tho. His temps are ok, and I replaced his UVB 1 month back. His UVB is a reptisun 10.0. He has been using it all his life and nothing really went wrong. He also has to shed part of his tail, his arms and legs. It’s summer in here and we...
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    Is this mouth rot?

    He has some yellow spots inside his mouth (which you can see in the pictures). I’ve also noticed some of his teeth were somehow deteriorated or too small... I’m not sure. And one was actually missing. You can also appreciate at the tip of his mouth his cups are covered in some crusty mucous...
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    Mouth rot?

    These were the best images I could get. You can kind of see part of the redness in the first picture
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