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    Sick rankin

    Thank you. We haven't been giving him a probiotic. We will look into this. Is there anything else we can do? He absolutely won't eat and I'm just not sure how long he's going to last with force feeding as he will only take a little bit at a time and it's really just barely sustaining him. Thanks...
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    Sick rankin

    Help! Larger is my girl, smaller is the boy I got 2 ish months ago. He was bigger than her when we got him. We were told he was going into brumation and because we are newbies didn't realize that was untrue for about 3 weeks he barely ate, slept all day and then was rapidly loosing weight so we...
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    Rankin sick

    We have two rankins both between 8-12 months I think. The girl we have had about 4 months and the boy a monthS the girl is great big appetite very active especially when given food. She is currently 54 g. The boy is the problem: when we got him the person said he may be entering into brumation...
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