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    Weight Concerns

    :lol: That's probably where my concern is coming from. Thank you so much!!
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    Weight Concerns

    Hi guys!! I'd like yous to meet my first beardie baby, Cosmo! I was just wondering if he looks a little underweight to you. I realized that (I think) his little hip bones seem to be visible, but I don't know if that's how they should be.. What do you think? How can I help him put on a little...
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    Possible Respiratory Infection???

    I guess I'm just concerned because it seems to be pretty often. Is there any other early symptoms I should watch out for?
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    Possible Respiratory Infection???

    Hi guys! My beardie has been really enjoying the summer, and with the temperatures being pretty hot, I try and let him soak up some natural rays here and there throughout the week. But I'm a little bit concerned, today I noticed that his mouth gapes a lot and I'm starting to wonder if he may...
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    PLEASE HELP - I think my Beardie has tail rot :(

    Thank you so much!! I guess it was just something I had never noticed before!
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    PLEASE HELP - I think my Beardie has tail rot :(

    Hi guys!! I was about to give Cosmo a bath today when I noticed his tail looks darker than the rest of him. I really hope I'm just freaking out, but does anyone think this is tail rot? I can't afford a vet right now. His appetite is still completely normal and so is his behavior. His tank is...
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