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    My beardie has very puffy eyes

    Thank you for the suggestion with the yogurt. We might try that. He ate some greens yesterday but that was only because as he was eating a super worms I tricked him into chopper jg on a piece of mustard green haha. He seems to be doing a little better. We have been bathing him a few times this...
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    My beardie has very puffy eyes

    Wonderful, thank you. I will vary his greens. I give him mustard greens and red leaf lettuce. We actually hadn't been bathing him enough so we have been trying 2 times a week. His eyes are actually less puff now and the shed is coming off of his head quite nicely. He's not as lethargic either.
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    My beardie has very puffy eyes

    @KarrieRee it is a tube ☺️
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    My beardie has very puffy eyes

    It's a reptisun 10.0. About 10 inches over the top of the log that he lays on. We think it might have to do with the infection that showed up in his blood work but the vet didn't know where the infection was, they couldn't see where. I forgot about that, my husband just reminded me. We have been...
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    My beardie has very puffy eyes

    For about the last few months, we noticed our Pufferson has very swollen eyes. We took him into the vet and they found he had parasites. We gave him all his antibiotic for that, but still need to take him in for a follow up but they told us his eyes could be due to his diet. Little calcium, too...
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