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    These are the most commonly used cages. 4x2x2
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    Elliot and London! (Lots of pictures!)

    lovely beardies :D (mmmmmm Doritos :D :D :D )
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    Sliding Panel Track for Crossfire Enclosure!

    Seen loads on eBay
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    arcadia 10.0 compact lamp

    If your in the UK the best UVB source is the Arcadia 12% TUBE. The fluorescent tubes are advised over the compact tubes for beardies. The Reptiglo 10.0 is no good
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    BIIIGGG CAGE FOR SIMBA! (and perhaps a friend?)

    unless you want LOADS of little beardies running around i wouldn't house your male and female together. It can only take a few seconds for the deed to be done
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    Have you ever noticed...

    My beardies DEFINETLY eat better then me! If you look in my fridge all that is in there is salad/veg and worms for my beardies. While i live off toast and cereal!
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    Well she has FINALLY shed (apart froma little bit on her head) Sorry about the picture quality only camera i have is the one on my phone :lol: . Pictures really don't do any justice she is a really bright red/orange Also a few of Roxy as well :D
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    what do you do when you take your beardie out?

    Summers coming?!!? I need to go to lincolnshire! all we have had is rain and more rain
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    Got her from a breeder here in the UK. He has a very good reputation and deals with alot of the main breeders. This is her as a little baby Can't wait to see her properly once she has shed :blob8: :blob8: :blob8:
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    Picked up my new beardie last saturday :D :D Was a 9 hour drive tho but she was worth it!!! Been waiting until she has shed to show pics but its taking too long and im getting impatient lol. Think i'm going to call her Amber as that was her mothers name, she sadly passed away a couple of...
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    new owner

    As you only got her yesterday i would give her time to settle in. She is probably just stressed from the move. Also what type of UVB are you using as these can affect behaviour. And welcome to the site :blob8: :blob8:
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    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: he is stunning!!!!!!! Never seen that sort of colouring! what morph?
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    2 baby dragons, and not everything sorted!

    I would turn the reptiglo off now, that light will do more harm then good. They will be fine for a couple of days without UVB. If your in the states you will want to get a reptiSUN 10.0 TUBE or in the UK the best one is the Arcadia 12% TUBE. But bear in mind that you will need to get a starter...
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    Spike has had a missing front arm, he doesn't seem to be gro

    Yes the best UVB light you can get in the states is a reptisun 10.0 TUBE. The coil bulbs are no good for basking lizards. Well best thing is to phone up vets near you and see if they have a veterinarian who is qualified in reptiles.
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