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    Lump on throat

    Do you have any other pictures with dates that you can reference? Does the lump get bigger, disappear, or stay about the same over time?
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    Beardie hoarding food in his beard

    Is he a dunner? For some reason, Dunners can have a quirk where they hold on to food in their beards and sometimes regurgitate it later. Usually, it is a behavior the younger dragons do and are trained or grow out of. If he hasn’t really hoarded food before, maybe he is doing it now because...
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    Bearded Dragon fell in the pool

    Thank you Brandon. Buddy was rinsed immediately with some warm bottled water and got to hang out with his favorite person (my SO) while he dried off in the sun. He’s shown no signs that his quick dunk in the pool was anything more or less than a brief adventure that scared the socks off of his...
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    Tumor in throat? Normal throat?

    I’m not sure if this is related but there appears to be a red and inflamed spot on the roof of the inside of her mouth on the same side that that has what appears to be nasal discharge.
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    Bearded Dragon fell in the pool

    Thank you. I just needed a bit of reassurance that I was looking out for the right things.
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    Bearded dragon possibly broken jaw?

    Bearded dragons have acrodont dentition. They do not grow new teeth.
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    not eating greens

    Ideally, you want her to eat them on her own and not expect to be hand fed (and she will train you to only hand feed her if you give her the opportunity.) Our first dragon wouldn’t eat greens and if contributed to him having health problems he wouldn’t have had otherwise. With Buddy, our...
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    Bearded Dragon fell in the pool

    The men were apparently horsing around outside pushing one another and Buddy had enough and took a flying leap off of my SO and into the pool. He was immediately scooped up out of the water and he seems to be fine and didn’t do any movements that would suggest he inhaled water but I would like...
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    not eating greens

    To get our dragon Buddy to eat his salad, I get a cheese grater and grate fresh butternut squash and mix it in with his dandelion greens. They kind of look like orange worms.
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    Sad day

    I am sorry for your loss. Toothless was sick when you brought him home and it is very likely that if you get another bearded dragon from the pet store they will be sick as well. I went back through your posts and looked at his pictures. His eyes look unwell. His posture in many of the...
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    Brumating beardie and mice in the house. How worried should I be?

    I am so sorry you lost your kitty. What kind of enclosure does your dragon have? Ideally, you want to ensure nothing can access your beardie at night when rodents are most active (bites are a concern) and if at all possible, you want to figure out where they are getting in and seal them out of...
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    Defensive Posturing while in Enclosure

    I rescued Buddy an adult male bearded dragon about 9 months ago. I spotted him in the middle of the street trying to fight cars one morning and made a u-turn and managed to scoop him up, put him on my chest, and stroked his head making him close his eyes and calm down while I got him into the...
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    Help me. My dragon hates me

    Oh man, this sounds so familiar. I found this bearded dragon and saved his butt from being smooshed by some cars he was trying to fight. He absolutely hates me. He puffs up at me and takes on a defensive posture showing me how spikey he is and sometimes how loud he can hiss too and this...
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    Today at Publix the regular organic dandelion greens were looking sad (the leaves seem like they froze and were mostly damaged.) Next to the regular greens, there were Red Dandelion Greens and they looked beautiful so I grabbed two bunches. Then i started googling out of an abundance of...
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    Need advice re: raw unpasturized honey for his eye

    This is the clearest picture I could get of his eye from this morning It is damaged, yes? And likely recently? About halfway down his pupil you can see a very faint greenish shadow that goes towards the bottom half of his eye. When the light hits his eye right...
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