February 15
Beardie name(s)
Beardie's Birthdate
Nov 2, 2021
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
Aprox 11 inches
Adoption/Purchase Date
Jan 9, 2022
However many mealworms they can eat in a 10 minute period 2-3 times a day, various greens such as mustard greens, horseradish greens, dandelions, etc. 2x a day plus squash and other toppers. Plus feeders and greens are dusted with calcium and vitamins.
Enclosure Dimensions
3ft long by 2ft wide by 1ft high
Enclosure Temperatures
Basking spot: 95F warm side 85 F cool side: 75-80F
Thermometer Type
Digital with a probe
UVB Source
Reptisun 10.0 compact uvb tube
UVB Placement
On top of screen 5 inches from basking spot
Basking Light
Zoo med Reptisun 100w basking bulb no color or coating
Basking Schedule
12 hours per day
Paper towels


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