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    Izzy laid her eggs

    no, I was unable to get to a petstore because they were all closed yesterday. I plan on going today and getting some of the things i need. like the dial thermometer and hydrometer. they are getting enough moisture...they have to be, the side of the box are dripping with water, it's condesing on...
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    Izzy laid her eggs

    Thank you, I had no clue where to look beside pet stores. I will check today. Also, most of my eggs are still dented....and i think it might be too humid, but just warm enough, how do i clear out some of the water without disturbing the eggs?
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    sexing my beardies

    females have vents too which is usually harder to you may in fact have a female. check out this site for help
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    telling sexes.... first off....lift the tail so you are looking from the rear, lift at like 75-85 degree angle from their bodies Male....they will have 2 verical lumps above his vent female....will have one horizontal lump abover her vent or no lump at all....that's the best way to tell...
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    Izzy laid her eggs

    I'm proud to announce Izzy laid 16 eggs.....amazing for such a young dragon, she's only 10 months old. I have set up an incubator best I can with petstores being closed today. It's got 2 inches of potting soil (couldn't find verticulim (sp) at walmart)(oh and i moistened it to where it would...
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    is this the typical position for a female to lay eggs?

    I have a 10month old female who I believe is full of eggs. her stomach has about bean size ball like objects on both sides. she's been digging around for about a week...I had her housed with a male, but I've got him moved to a 20 gal temporary tank for now. She's dug out all the sand to the...
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    i think my dragon has eggs

    what size bin? does she need play sand or soil? I dont know what to her digging a sign of her ready to lay?
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    i think my dragon has eggs

    My female is only about 9-10 months old, and she's been doing a lot of digging. She's housed with a male around the same age. Tonight i noticed when she was perched on a branch that she had lumps on both sides of her abdomen....could she have eggs at such a young age and what's my next step if...
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    Colors of Beardies

    my friend just got 2 Dragons, one is the normal shade and the other is blackish. and i mean you can't see the pattern on her back at all. Is this a different type of bearded dragon or just so happen to be darker?
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    My new beardies.

    Hello all. I've just recently adopted my first 2 Beardies. They are awesome. They are about 6 months old, and I've determined one is female and one is male. I've decided to name them Izzy (my girl) and Ozzy (my boy). I've had them a little over a week. So my pictures are a little rough. As I get...
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    Night time...

    well the way it sounds he's happy where he's at. As long as the mat's not hot enough to burn him, then he should be fine, i suppose. Good luck with your temps and all!
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    Night time...

    My guys are around 6 months looks larger than that. But anyways. do you live in a cold climate? I live in southeast Ga so it's rare temps get below 60 at night. My dragons get a heat lamp, and UVA/UVB light during the day. I turn both off at night. But I have the temp in my house set...
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    what are some thing i could add to their enclosure.

    I have had my dragons about a week, with a very basic setup. I was wondering if there were some other things I could put in there to make my dragons happy. here's a pic of the enclosure. I have gotten them the right size stand now. So they are now a few feet more off the ground and well...
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    Night time...

    I'm a new owner as well, but everything I've read said not to use heating mats, as they are likely to burn themselves...even if it buried. You can always get a night heat light. It wouldn't interfer with the day/night routine, but help maintain the temperature a little bit.
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    My Beardies aren't eating

    AT least not that I've noticed. I recently got these cool little guys about a week ago. I've been feeding them Fresh greens and mango, and crickets. The large one (which i figured out was male) I can hand feed a few pieces of greens, the smaller one (recently figured out was female) wont eat...
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