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    Best way to deal with high UVB?

    Thanks, I'm going to lower the basking shelf to hopfully decrease the UVB some, but is it harmful to them to have an area that has pretty high UVB like 10 or so? Cause he doesn't really seem to avoid it but I just wanted to make sure it doesn't cause any damage. He does occasionally close an eye...
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    Best way to deal with high UVB?

    So I just got a solarmeter and currently my reptisun T5 HO is in a reflector about 12 inches from the basking shelf I have and for the most part the UVB in the tank is fine except directly under the UVB tube the solarmeter is reading up to like 13 which I know anything above 8 is probably not...
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    first time brumination

    Thanks, sounds like it's just winter slow down then. Maybe I'll do horn worms for a while then to keep him hydrated. His UVB is only a month old so should still be good. Just out of curiosity when do yours start to come out of it, is it not util spring?
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    first time brumination

    So I'm just paranoid but my 1.5 year old beardie lately has been acting lethargic, basically he doesn't run around and act crazy like he used to and he mostly just lazes around under his basking spot all day and falls asleep early. Weird thing is though that he still really wants to eat his bugs...
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    Parasite Prevention for Immunosuppressed Dragon?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for parasite prevention, like are there any feeders that are better than others that have lower parasites? Or are there any supplements that can help with parasite prevention? My beardie had ADV and he's totally helathy besides the fact he just...
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    Input on tank lighting

    Thank you- I'll just get some more LED bulbs then. Does it really matter about the 6000K bulb light color supposedly being the best for them?
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    Input on tank lighting

    So I've been searching for ways to make my terrarium brighter since it always seems to be too dark and I was wondering if anyone had tried this LED/UVB hood combo? T5 ReptiSun® LED UVB Terrarium Hood | Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. Like it seems like a good way to make the tank a lot brighter but...
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    Help with adenovirus management

    Thank you for the advice. Here's what I have from the bloodwork CBC: Hct 34%, WBC 13K (Heteros 7.67K, lymphs 3.12K), thrombocytes clumped but adequate in number Chem: AST-20, bile acids <35, uric acid 5.1, Alb 2.9, TP 6.4, Glu 203, Ca 12.9, Phos 4.3, K 3.4, Na 157, cholesterol 231
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    How intense to go on the coccidia cleaning

    So I'm baking cage decor and using ammonia to clean my beardies tank to kill the coccidia, but I was wondering about my room. I let him run around the floor and on my bed and I guess theoretically he could have coccidia on him so do I need to steam clean my floor/bed as well?
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    silkworms and diarrhea

    I'm working on getting him to eat more salad so he gets like endive, collards, butternut squash, some blueberries to entice him to eat his salad. I don't have issues with him having diarrhea when I feed him dubias. It's possible that since he's eating more salad lately thats also contributing to it.
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    silkworms and diarrhea

    So I would love to use silkworms as a staple sometimes because they are pretty healthy, however, every time I feed them to my beardie they give him diarrhea. How do people who use silkworms as a staple keep them from having diarrhea?
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    Beardie not interested in food

    So my 11 mo old beardie has been treated for salmonella with ceftaz injections. And he’s been off it for a week or so now and his poops are more solid but now he’s acting totally wild/running around and not eating. He’s about 19 inches and 375g and his weight has stayed fairly stable. I have to...
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    Runny poop after panacur

    No it's weird he had pretty well formed poop prior to the panacur but since having the panacur its just very runny. Although his poop looks more well digested than it did before he used to have undigested bugs in it. The vet said if he was feeling better he didn't need another fecal but I...
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    How to cool off enclosure?!

    it's on the second floor because we have cats so his viv has to be in its own room. The house is around 88 deg. I'll try leaving the doors open when im home.
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