April 28
Beardie name(s)
Brindle and Bob
Beardie's Birthdate
Sep 17, 2020
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
17 inches
Adoption/Purchase Date
Dec 20, 2020
15 to 20 crickets once a day is all I can ever get him to eat. Crickets are gutloaded by eating various greens (collard,turnip,mustard )
Enclosure Dimensions
48L x 24W X 24H
Enclosure Temperatures
75-80 cool side, 85 hot side and 2 basking areas he uses one low to mid 90's other 100-105
Thermometer Type
IR temp gun
UVB Source
36 in Arcadia 12% T5 tube
UVB Placement
inside enclosure 17 iches above basking spot
Basking Light
50 watt halogen
Basking Schedule
8 am to 8 pm
ceramic tile
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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