Mollie the dragon

May 12
Beardie name(s)
Beardie's Birthdate
Jul 29, 2022
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
Adoption/Purchase Date
Nov 2, 2022
3 Dubia, 7 BSFL, 5 Wax worms, 1 horn worm morning and night (3 days a week) Offer fresh salad everyday 24/7 mostly just kale, she wont eat the extra stuff or any other kinda dark leafy greens, and water :)
Enclosure Dimensions
120 gallon
Enclosure Temperatures
basking- 100-120 cool- 80-90
Thermometer Type
Digital with a probe
UVB Source
Reptisun 10.0 T 5 bulb
UVB Placement
on top screen 2ft fixture on the side where basking area is
Basking Light
150W, bulb, hooded cover, Flukers brand
Basking Schedule
8-8:30AM- 10PM
The Bio Dude Terra Sahara Bioactive Reptile Substrate for terrariums and vivariums
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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