May 25
Beardie name(s)
moko pepe
Beardie's Birthdate
Jan 30, 2020
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
16 inches
Adoption/Purchase Date
Apr 30, 2020
7-8 locusts / crickets / dubai roches = every 3-4 days and pepper / baby tomtatos and a few slices of blueberries / grapes / pear / apple everyday
Enclosure Dimensions
a meter long enclosure on top of another meter by a meter open enclosure (she sleeps and basks in her elcosure but spends most of her time in the room)
Thermometer Type
Round one with a needle
UVB Source
13 watt UBV200 coil on a basking area outside of enclosure and exoterra UBV150 tube inside the enclosure
UVB Placement
in enclosure: across the length of the enclosure to cover all areas (bar her hide)
Basking Light
unsure of specifics atm, but recommended by reputable reptile store
Basking Schedule
11am to 11pm
earth eco reptile dirt and crushed up unflavoured special K cereal (she kept eating sand lol so this was the vets recommendation)


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