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    Comment by 'MerithD' in media 'HELP!! How can I treat this ?'

    If it is tail rot you may need a veterinarian.
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    Comment by 'MerithD' in media 'HELP!!! yellow fever or stuck shed?'

    It looks like he may have gotten a belly burn. Do use a heat rock? They are not great for beardies.
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    Comment by 'MerithD' in media 'Beardie puffing randomly'

    A very beautiful leatherback! Mine sometimes puff for no reason. When i put Lenny in a sunbeam he flattens into a thin round pancake!
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    Comment by 'MerithD' in media '20220322_164025.jpg'

    Gorgeous colors!
  5. 20200903_102349~2.jpg


    Ragetti sneaking up the stairs
  6. 20190520_172331.jpg


    Calypso taught us how wnderful dragons could be!
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    Bearded dragon veterinarian

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. My boys and youngest girl are happy and feisty joyful bug munching dragons!
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    Beardie Thrashing around and becoming touch averse

    You may want to make sure her salad is pesticide free. I had a similar scare that improved when i switched to organics. Best of luck to you. Hopefully yours will improve also!
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    Deformed dragon - the trouble with translucents

    Thank you for replying! I noticed the "hump" at about 6 mos old. I worried it looked like MBD bought uv tester and thermometer gun and everything appears to be in the proper ranges I was worried i didnt dust feeders enough then worried i dusted them too much. She is not as big as she should be...
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    Deformed dragon - the trouble with translucents

    My dragon has a humped spine. I check temps and uvb weekly and dust feeders with reptivite. I got this beautiful creature from a backyard breeder and she appeared normal as a baby. She is a translucent leather back. I have 5 wonderful dragons with the same husbandry and no others have spinal...
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    Prolapse? HELP

    They never warn you how attached you can get. He was a lucky lizard. Their life expectancy in the wild is only 6 years the average in captivity is 8-9 years. You did well by him.
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    Bearded dragon veterinarian

    Cautionary statement my dragon had pin worms too young and was successfully cured but developed prolapse which i successfully treated for 7 mos until big enough for vent stay stiches After confirming a vet did this procedure i dropped her off and paid fee but vet did not witness prolapse and...
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    Possible Respiratory Infection Please Help

    s.sorry should say make small hole in box top for tube
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    Possible Respiratory Infection Please Help

    You can try A mister and colloidal silver take a sweater box make sure its not too chilly put it in cage or on heat pad dillute solution of colloidal silver make small hole in tube for mister tube. Treat dragon for 10 min daily. Please look up correct dilution as i dont remember but it was a "...
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