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    Bearded Dragon Passes White-thing in Stool--What Is It?

    "he" is definitely a she! gender mix-ups happen all the time with bearded dragons in fact when a bearded dragon is young its bones look like the same thing as a hemipene but that yellow thing looks like an old egg that your beardie could have had for a long time. I have no clue why there's only...
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    Medicine issue

    Hi everyone, so not too long ago I took Mango to the vet and they said she has two different types of parasites so they gave us medicine. She's been taking the medicine by syringe and she's been eating it well but recently she stopped eat and literally won't eat ANYTHING and she's losing weight...
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    Beardie lifts but in the air just like a cat all of a sudden?

    she's probably just trying to get her tail away from you i wouldn't be worried
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    i'd say to let him do his thing because eventually he'll get bored or sick of it but if your really that concerned just pick him up and place him away from the fence
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    New beardie owners need any help?

    GREAT! I'm so glad everything is working out:)
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    Desperately seeking a new home for Spike

    ok for sure i can look bc foster homes are normal taken by people who really care for the animal and they spoil them until they get adopted I put my guinea pig in a foster home before and they gave her spas and everything she was spoiled so foster homes are highly recommend by me
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    Femoral pores clogged?

    i dont really know what to say because they don't look clogged but I don't understand why there's orange underneath bc last I heard is that its supposed to be all ivory underneath them I've never seen this before
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    Wattage for 120 gallon?

    it is 20" away from the bottom of the tank but she seems to like climbing up closer to it
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    Desperately seeking a new home for Spike

    i would definitely adopt spike but unfortunately you're way to far from me :( if you were closer I would definitely fly out to get her/him whats your reason of rehoming him/her if you let me know I could definitely hook him up with a foster center near you
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    Parasites- After Care

    no judgement at all my beardie went through the same thing and I don't know if she came with the parasites or if we gave it to her but that was over a year ago now and yes i'd say clean it daily you can get crickets from petsmart but make sure you put them in a cricket container and clean that...
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    Parasites- After Care

    Ok so since it was coccidia what I said still stands but that parasite is caused by unsanitary keeping of the bugs how often do you clean what you keep your bugs in?
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    Mouth rot????

    Ok great!
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    Need a little bit of help

    Ok so with a forty gallon get a 24” uvb tube light and provide a spot for your beardie to get a little closer to the uvb if they need to the wattage is good for the basking bulb though
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    New beardie owners need any help?

    For babies that is pretty intense and if you get the double light it should make the cool side a tad hotter
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    New beardie owners need any help?

    it seems like your beardie wants to stay on the cool side because the basking spot is too hot for him and then the cold side is to cold try a 75 watt for him and then when he grows I'm going to say it now GET A 75 GALLON it's not nessicarily a bad thing but its funny because I see someone...
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