February 25
Beardie name(s)
Beardie's Length
16 inches
Greens day(3 days out of the week):strawberry salad dressingfor beardies(his favorite i swear), kale, mustard greens(occasionally), collard greens(occasionally), shredded carrots, bell pepers(occasionally), and a sprinkle of calcium powder --Fruit day(2 days out of the week):Strawberries(occasionally),watermelon(rare*spring-summer*), red and black raspberries, bannana(every once in a while), sliced apples without skin, and calcium powder-- Protein day(2 days out of the week): Super worms( Roughly 20) and horned worms(4)
Enclosure Dimensions
40in length, 20in width, 20 or 25in height
Enclosure Temperatures
76 on cool side, 92 on warm side, 103 on basking spot
UVB Source
Zoomed dual uvb and heat with reflective hood, 100 watt
UVB Placement
35 inches from basking spot and mounted on top of screen
Basking Light
100 watt zoomed dual uvb and heat with a reflective hood
Basking Schedule
4 hours it's on and 2 hours it's off and repeats
I recently changed to zoo med eco loose reptile substrate
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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