Beardie name(s)
Beardie's Birthdate
Jun 28, 2020
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
18 1/2
Adoption/Purchase Date
Aug 10, 2020
Dubia roaches 2-3x Weekly, 3 Superworms weekly, Hornworms occasionally. Turnip greens, collard greens, kale, leafy greens daily. Squash few times a week, raspberry and blueberry 2x a week. Occasionally watermelon and strawberry. I supplement two times a week with calcium and once a week with multivitamins. Reason for my supplementation schedule is I gut load with repashy products and fruit.
Enclosure Dimensions
4x2x2 PVC ( all fixtures inside )
Enclosure Temperatures
Floor temps: 95-102f on hot side. Ambient air temps: Hot side 90's, cool side 82
Thermometer Type
IR temp gun
UVB Source
24in. Arcadia Pro T5 HO w/12% D3 bulb
UVB Placement
inside. With access to 12-18in.
Basking Light
inside. Arcadia 50w Halogen Flood w/ dimming thermostat. Secondary bask spot is Deep heat projector 50w on thermostat
Basking Schedule
14hrs in the summer, 12hrs in the winter
Tile, shelf liner, fleece
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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The Longfellows and Freyja
Translucent - 100% Het Hypo - Citrus Tiger




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