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    Hognose questions

    So... I'm not really sure whether anyone is gonna reply or not BUT. I'm currently saving up for a Hognose. I don't really have a spare tank as my bearded dragon is occupying it. So I have to buy one. I know that hognose snakes should have a 20 gallon tank but, I was wondering if you can but a...
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    I'll try and get the UVB ASAP in the mean time I'll be taking him out in the garden every 15-30 min
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    Umm... I forgot to add cm... I'm in Malaysia... and that's a longgggg distance from CA.
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    ooo... It's far from where I am tho ??
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    The size of the tank is 60x40x50. The phone number, where is it from?.
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    Alright, I'll have to check the size of my tank.
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    This is the basking bulb This is the old UVB bulb
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    I'm using the reptile dome from Exo Terra. It isn't common that exotic pets are sold at where I am. I currently bring my bearded dragon out for a sunbathe
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    He's just laying down on the basking light. The UVB light is currently broken. I'm trying to get a new and a better one than before and I'm no so sure one where to look. He refuses to eat the superworm even though it's directly in front of him.
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    Hi. It's been a while since I've been online around here. My bearded dragon isn't eating for a couple of days and I'm starting to get a little worried. He isn't shedding or anything. He just doesn't wanna eat and I'm not so sure why.
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    Bearded dragon hasnt shed in a month

    She looks fine to me, I'm not sure about the perspective of others. Have to wait for them to reply
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    Ok, I'll try and make a screen cage for my beardie if not then I'll consider buying a leash.
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    Are bearded dragons ment to be pampered?
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