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    My story of Yellow Fungus

    Here I am, a year late writing my heart breaking story which has also been a year long journey. Last April, I have 9 gorgeous healthy dragons that I love more than anything. I had a Wit who was only 10 months old that came down with Yellow Fungus after purchasing a hammock off of etsy. The...
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    Yellow fungus

    Hello there, I am also dealing with a case of yellow fungus and it sucks :( Mine was diagnosed last April. She was on the terbinafine and voriconazole for 45 days last year. She was doing really well until a recent outbreak on her mouth and foot. She just lost her toe the other day. I put...
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    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    This is correct. The incubation period is 2 - 6 weeks. I've done plenty of research on this.
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    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    I agree that Mater's looks exactly like yf. I would question the vet.
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    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    If that is not yf than mine definitely can't be. They sent mine off for testing and I had results in 4 days. I kind of want to take a dragon I know for sure doesn't have YF, and see if the lab comes back positive again because then I know they don't know what they are doing.
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    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    Thank you, but I am having a hard time believing mine have YF. After I finish their round of meds, and wait a month I am taking them to a more experienced reptile vet. Mine did a scraping, but took off broken shed, and I don't see any crusty anything. I can start a new thread so I don't take...
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    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    I just had to have my dragon on 1.5 years put down because she contracted yellow fungus. I believe it came on a hammock I ordered off etsy. She was fine before that, and I had had her since she was 6 weeks old. 2 weeks after I put the hammock in, she got yellow patches all over her belly...
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    Treating Yellow Fungus Disease

    Thank you. I have gotten rid of all tile and use newspaper. I change that every other day. I got plastic platforms and I use those with a towel over them so I can throw them in the wash to bleach them. I wear gloves when handling them. They get their meds everyday and I'm making sure to not...
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