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    Louie the bearded dragon

    that costume is adorable! look at his little belly!
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    Some sort of parasite

    I would take him to the vet. But if funds are tight, you can use Dr. Haddaway's parasite test at home. You send the poop to them and they email/mail you the results and tell you what to buy. I've used them before. You can get the test off of Amazon or their regular website...
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    Hasn’t blackbearded yet

    mine is almost one year old and doesn't blackbeard. she is a girl if that has anything to do with it.
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    I found my vet in a similar way. I go to Midway Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake, VA (in case any of you are near me and want to go there). They've taken excellent care of my beardie! :D
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    Health Concerns!!Please Read:(

    if the parasite load is low, sometimes vets won't bother to treat because antiparasite meds can be harsh on the body. Every body has an opinion on this but me personally, I would want my baby to be rid of all parasites if possible. And i can tell you care a lot for your boy!
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    Opinions on Stuff

    my dragon won't eat stuff with the liquid calcium on it so I had to switch to powder.
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    Thanks for the compliment. I wish you the best of luck with your dragon!!!
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    @Drache613 How long did it take for your dragons to be cleared out? How much of the colloidal silver did you give your dragons? My dragon is on milk thistle and olive leaf extract. I recently added colloidal silver. She seems to be doing well.
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    My dragon had a similar issue. She was diagnosed with ADV but is doing well. Here is how I treat her.
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    how did you clear the virus from your dragon?
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    Louie the bearded dragon

    when he was on Panacur, I fed him as usual. About 3 times a week, he got his food dusted with multivitamin. Everyday, he gets his calcium powder on his insects. I didn't give him anything different when he was on Panacur. I considered yogurt, but I heard somewhere that beardies cannot digest...
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    Louie the bearded dragon

    I believe a lot of beardies are born with parasites. My baby had them before I even started feeding him from my dubia colony so it didn't come from that. My beardie tolerated Panacur very well.
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    Sub-Adult Beardie Not Eating!

    Thanks for the tips. I use mainly superworms...about 40% of the time, I use crickets...rarely I give him dubia. I am trying to get a dubia colony established. I do give him his calcium and vitamins though. I am going to read that website you posted. Thanks for your help.
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    Sub-Adult Beardie Not Eating!

    Yes it is a PowerSun. I have a stand that the light is on so I can adjust how far the light is easily. Thanks for the tips. I just didn't want to overcrowd the cage but I guess I shouldn't worry about that so much.
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