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    Yellow Fungus? Or something else

    I don't understand the sudden development either. That's what made me question if this is truly YF. His scales today are darker and turning more gray. The vet gave me Terbinafine to administer orally, which I'm concerned about any damage to his internal organs. He hasn't been on any antibiotics...
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    Yellow Fungus? Or something else

    KarrieRee - I would consider it a finer mesh. I didn't realize it would filter out that much UVB! Thank you for the recommendation. How would you recommend mounting it to the glass?
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    Yellow Fungus? Or something else

    I forgot to mention the vet gave me a prescription anti-fungal, Terbinafine, to administer to him orally. In response to your lighting question: For years he's had a 24" T5 10.0 UVB tube on top of wire mesh (changed out every 6-9months). About a month ago his light quit working for some reason...
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    Yellow Fungus? Or something else

    Hi there, I'm brand new here and looking for advice on my 5 year old Beardie, Geronimo. I noticed changes in Geronimo starting about 2 weeks ago. He started developing dark spots on his back and sides, which in the past has always been indicative of areas that are about to shed. However...
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