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    Black beard after fall... persisting for hours

    When she woke up in the morning, her beard was back to orange, and she has had a healthy appetite and seems to be moving normally, so I hope she is okay. It's possible she hurt herself, but she is also such a drama queen that it is hard to tell (but I had never seen her beard this dark or for...
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    Black beard after fall... persisting for hours

    Our adorable Paisley got squirrelly when I was tucking her in for the evening (letting her fall asleep on me... usually this is something she throws a tantrum about if she doesn't get to do it), so she ran off of me and them jumped off of the couch. This is only about an 18" drop, but she...
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    High ALT + ALP... fatty liver, liver disease, or?

    Our girl, Paisley, is about 10 months old and we have known for most of that time that she is ADV+, though she has never shown any of the typical symptoms (no stargazing, no failure to grow... she has been a voracious eater of both bugs and veggies her whole life, and has had a lot of brightness...
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    Errors in widespread nutrition guides for beardies

    I have made some updates to my info... not so much re: the veggies, but for the bugs (for example, I found out that BSFL actually have high chitin, and that superworms do NOT have as high of a chitin content as I thought) You can find the info (which I used to make the chart, but have since...
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    High white blood cells and LDH in bloodwork.

    She seems to be doing okay. Up to 120 grams now... We have not added supplements to her diet yet, but plan to get some milk thistle extract and bee pollen, at the very least. We will also be doing another blood test in a few months just to check on things. She poops daily and her appetite (for...
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    Playing dungeons and dragons with a dragon.

    What a coincidence... my crew just passed through the Pirate Isles (whereupon they got mixed up in the dirty politics of the Seven Rogues of Crescent Bay, and eventually found themselves ambushed by orcish pirate Terry the Gray -- formerly known as Terry the Terrible, when he was in his prime --...
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    Playing dungeons and dragons with a dragon.

    I, too, bring my dragon to Dungeons & Dragons (she pops out of my fleece where she is tucked in, to say hello to my brothers I play with over But I was so inspired, I even created a creature in my game world called a "bazilikar" which is basically a giant bearded dragon that can be...
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    Devastating news - ADV. Now what?

    Here are some pictures of Paisley taken this week. As you can see, she seems fairly healthy and content! Don't have a copy of her newest blood test yet (we only were told about the results by vet over phone, but plan to request a copy), but I posted her old one on here a while back (maybe 2...
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