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    UVI reading for t5

    Mine has similar readings, same bulb and fixture. :0) (*edited to turn off notifications)
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    Untamed Adult Beardie with Long Nails

    You may want to not try to trim the nails until you and the beardie are more comfortable with handling, but cat/bird/lizard nail clippers work well (check prices in all 3 of those sections of pet store- exact same tool, and I can almost guarantee 3 different prices). In the meantime, consider a...
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    My babies

    Aww, cuties all!
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    Big Mad Boi

    "Jeez, hooman! Did I ask for bath? No, I did not!" ?
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    Where To Get Feeders

    Search symtonbsf, and yes, they're great! :0)
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    Petite ball of sass

    LOVE that look! :0)
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    Bear die ate part of plastic toothpick

    Usually small pieces of things like that will pass. Watch for it. :0)
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    Something in nose

    Nose trumpets!!!! (You'll see it when the skin shed starts to come out of the nostrils) :0)
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    I think that's fairly normal restlessness. Mine does it, too.
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    I would say try raising the lamp a bit if you can, then see how your dragon uses the basking spot then. Those aren't terrible temps, but if you're seeing that she likes lower temps, gove that a shot. :0)
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    I cleaned my beardie’s enclosure, and now she’s getting mad

    You invaded her territory (necessary, but she doesn't know that). She'll get over it. :0)
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    That stance! "Back off, hooman!" He probably needs a bit more time to settle in, but I hope he calms down for you. :0)
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    My new friend

    As long as it's safe for human and critter, I love it when wild animals come to visit!
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    He's cute! I would say just make sure you have his husbandry correct (which it sounds like you did right away), just watch them both to make sure they don't get overly stressed by seeing each other. Other than that, you should have a good number of years with him! ?
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