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    Looking to adopt near CT

    Good Evening, my last bearded passed this year at 12 years old. Ready to provide a nice home for a new friend. Wanting to adopt someone in need rather than supporting big corporate animal stores (though those babies need homes too). Live in Connecticut, if anyone has any info or advice as to how...
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    My bearded dragon is missing and I’m devastated

    When my baby was lost I read about putting basking lights out and even heating pads. Anything with heat can help draw them out, I know I'm late to this posting party but having lost my dragon for 3 weeks and locating him again I feel your pain! Please update, and where are you located? Just...
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    My bearded dragon is missing and I’m devastated

    Thread 'Great Adventure' Great Adventure | Beardie Tales | Bearded Dragon .org
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    What a day!

    Such a cutie! You can feel the personality in that last pic! Thanks for sharing!
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    Needing to Re-Home Our Beardie

    Good evening, have you found her a new home yet? Also do you know definitively it's a girl? Just asking because I'm surprised to not see any replies yet?
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    not eating for weeks at a time

    I also recommend mixing options for food. They're attracted to red, if you want them to eat their greens, mix in some color. Add protein too. Like you would feed a child a well balanced plate, mix veggies, protein, color. Helps get them interested. Mine always enjoyed grapes, blueberries, which...
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    New owner trying to start out right.

    Mine always Iiked these alot, they're small and you can mix in with anything else you're trying to get them to eat.
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    Beardi very active

    I totally understand it's hard to always afford new tanks, not sure what others would recommend on this, personally that's a big boy for that tank. Needs some more space. Granted the more space you give the more he will grow, but he needs to be able to move around. If you can't afford to buy...
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    First ever Beardie

    They get darker when they need heat and light, but that can be a morning thing. Congrats on your new baby, adorable! Keep posting pics! Good luck, and you're in the right place if you need any help or have questions! Thanks for joining the team here so soon! Lots of great helpers here!
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    Trying to shed, wants to bite everything.

    When they're that age 2-3 times a day feeding is the norm. Think about how much baby humans eat! Baby bearded need food to grow and part of the aggression could be just hunger. You ever get hangry!? Up the food and maybe try adding some new fruits or veggies. Mine always like grapes and...
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    Like to bite

    Great point to the last post! Be present, let your friend watch you and check you out! You're both adjusting to each other! Hand feeding is a great way to build trust, whatever he or she likes, fruits, veggies. Just let your hand sit still in the tank. If you do get a little bite or scratch it's...
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    Zoo Med Environmental Control Center

    As far as lights go, I'd just like to recommend checking out an electrical wholesaler in your area. I had my dragons for 5 years before meeting my husband (an electrician) and learned that there are cheaper and better ways to buy bulbs and fixtures! I know we spend anything to take care of our...
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    What a day!

    Not sure what the proper response is on time out of enclosure, but I had my dragons for 12 years, and they traveled cross country in my car. They got sunlight, and always got plenty of vitamins and nutrients. I think after they're a year or so, they're more durable than some may think. I'm...
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    What are your beardies favorite fruit or veggie?

    Mine loved kale, and red bell peppers, any squash, alot of things were slow to start, but if you can sneak it in they realize how good it is!
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    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    Don't feel bad, you didn't know, now you do. She looks good, just keep a close eye on her. Like Tracie said, keep posting, we will all be glad to help a newbie! Best of luck.
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