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    First time dealing with parasites (and general newbie angst)

    Hi Tracie, again I said a slight correction only in regards to the comment that they were low in fat and good for use as a staple. Using them in conjunction with a wide variety of other inverts is, as you say, perfectly fine. However, their nutritional content shows that they are very high in...
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    First time dealing with parasites (and general newbie angst)

    Again, a slight correction, but hornworms are quite fatty and really shouldnt be used as a staple. Not a big deal for a short time, and especially now as you are trying to entice him to eat on his own, but shouldnt be a long term thing. He is looking very colourful though; a beautiful dragon!
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    First time dealing with parasites (and general newbie angst)

    Sorry, just a small thing I think you might have missed Tracie. She said she has an Arcadia fixture with reflector, so 8-12" would be a bit too close for safety. The 16" you have it at now is absolutely fine Squeak.
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    Roach Allergy Asthma Common

    Hahahaha be careful what you wish for! :lol: As for this discussion, I dont know that Id bother trying to bring common sense into it. Apparently, breeding roaches is so dangerous that a BSL-4 disease might not even be as bad. :banghead:
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    Roach Allergy Asthma Common

    I think you might have just provided a glowing reference for the definition of irony. indeed we can agree to disagree.
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    Roach Allergy Asthma Common

    The parrot food thing was a joke Jeff. ;) The dispute I had with your original post was not that I disagreed with you saying that it is a possibility that people could be allergic, and that they should be aware of the possibility of it causing a problem. Its a risk that exists, however slight...
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    Roach Allergy Asthma Common

    Agreed, there is no comparison between a low income housing project infested with free ranging German or American cockroaches and a contained tub of tropical roaches that is cleaned at regular intervals. Those websites you listed again are specifically referring to children in low income urban...
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    Roach Allergy Asthma Common

    Im sorry you had that problem, as it sounds very serious. Glad you were able to figure it out before you had further problems. However, I think you are going a bit too far with the scare tactics there. Nowhere near 60% of people are allergic to roaches. I think the "60%" you are remembering is...
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    It's been awhile. But back with questions!

    That feeding schedule is fine for the live feeders (could add a bit more variety ;) ), but you will want to keep greens/veggies in there everyday. As for holding her, Id probably give her a few days to get settled in again. After that she may get less jumpy on her own, but you can start...
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    Nervous to feed bearded dragon live prey again

    What leads you to believe that these superworms were the cause of that? Coccidia can be passed on via feeders but is found in most dragons, and usually isnt problematic until some other issue compromises the immune system. I do not believe that pinworms can be passed on by superworms at all. Its...
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    Excellent answer Taterbug, wish there was a 'like' button here. ;)
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    Thermostat advice and suggestions

    Ive got some Viv Electronics and one of the cheapy ones from Big Apple Herp. The Viv Elec. ones are quite nice and never had any problems with them, but they are quite a bit more. Having said that, Ive never had any issue with the Big Apple one either. I just feel safer with the Viv Elec. ones...
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    My huge project

    Just curious as to why you would want to seal them to the glass? Tile is porous, so should be something you can remove and clean.
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    Is my "hot spot" too hot?

    The problem isnt so much the 118F spot, but in a small tank that size I would guess that your coolest temperature is too hot as a result. There really isnt a 'too high' temperature unless it affects the lowest temperature available for them to cool off at. I keep my basking area at around 125F...
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