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    Petsmart experience

    So, on Black Friday, I bought a believed-to-be male normal ball python I named Cave. He is underweight, sweet as can be. But he is underweight. Their ball pythons there are stressed and underweight. I bought him, and they said to feed him FUZZIES. Hatchlings should be eating hoppers, he needed...
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    Corn Snake Escaped, HELP!

    Did you have a locking lid? I am a ball python person, but I know about corn snakes.
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    Het Pieds

    I got 2 new ball pythons today! Het. pieds! :D A male and female for 100$ is awesome for them. I named the male Wheatley and the female Chell. I plan on breeding them, of course when they are older, well heavier. This was random.
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