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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Update! You were right? It was just a bad shed for him. ? I freaked out. Thanks for the assurance. ?
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    I don’t. Unfortunately our scale broke last year, and we never got a new one. I’ll get all that from the vet tho. Thanks for the replay about the YT so if it sheds and there’s no discoloration definitely no need to worry right?
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    This is my boy.
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Oh man, you really think it’s not?? I had a fill panic attack I still have a vet appointment which I’m gonna take him too. I just have a house of reptiles and can’t have my babies get infected. ? Also I’ve gotten tons of “hes big” remarks. I thought it wa a normal size but I guess he just take...
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    This is mushu, we had him for about 3 years. Just noticed this today. Yesterday it was a little more white, almost like he was getting ready to shed it. This showed up today. I have three other reptiles. And Chinese water dragon, a a leopard gecko and a created gecko. We have made a vet...
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