Hailey Jack

Beardie name(s)
Biscuit, Timothy
Beardie's Birthdate
Jan 20, 2022
Beardie's Gender
Beardie's Length
Biscuit is 17-18 inches, Timothy is unmeasured but signnifigantly smaller
Adoption/Purchase Date
Dec 21, 2023
Biscuit: gets two large feedings of crickets twice a week as many as he will eat in a sitting (they are calcium dusted at least once a week), he has access to a kale, carrot blend I buy at the store for ease of storage at least once a day, he also always has access to pellets he rarely eats. For treats he gets mealworms or hornworms at least twice a week. Timothy: Gets around 15-20 crickets a day (Calcium dusted with calcium D3 no more then three times a week), as well as a flukers pellet blend as sometimes he gets the muchies while I'm in classes and I don't like him to be hungry, he gets access to vegetables every single day (normally kale mix, but I will also bring him cucumbers and bell peppers from our Unis fresh salad bar.
Enclosure Dimensions
Biscuit: 50-55 gallon fish tank I received from my elderly neighbor, Timothy: a 30 gallon enclosure that was used by a beardie breeder before for young beardies
Enclosure Temperatures
Biscuits has gotten up to 110 on the hot side, I need to take measurements on the other sides. Timothy currently does not have a thermometer but I am making a store run this weekend.
Thermometer Type
Round one with a needle
UVB Source
TI 10 coil bulb, reccomended by the local reptile and exotic store I go to that rescues beardies, often times with MBD, I heard these weren't ideal on the internet and am willing to change but all their animals are all beautiful and healthy including the long term display rescues
UVB Placement
Biscuit: on top of grate with wide bars under 12 inches proximity to basking spot, Timothy: on screen maybe 9 inches from basking spot as the aquarium is shorter and he has a log to stand on
Basking Light
Biscuit: He currently uses a heat emitter only with his uvb, the heat emitter is 120 watts Lucky herp brand Timothy: is using a 75 watt thrive brand basking bulb
Basking Schedule
roughly 7 until 11
Biscuit: Lives on sand (and takes both vitamins and calcium to prevent compaction) However due to the difficulty to keep it clean he is transitioning to black reptile mat I found on amazon, Timothy: lives on paper towels as he poops very very frequently and I can just throw them away


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