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    How often should I feed veggies?

    Mr. Rex is an adult and he still likes everything cut pretty small, shredded or julienned. I would love to see pix if the baby too.
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    Bearded Dragon Staples issue Australia

    How about arugula (rocket I think) escarole…and maybe something of these other greens are available but they are called by a different name in Australia. When I lived in Italy a lot of veggies were called by different names. I know our eggplant is called aubergine for you and UK/Europe. Google...
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    How often should I feed veggies?

    Honestly it would be hard to offer too many veggies. Personally my experience has been early exposure to a variety of veggies/greens is the best thing. Not much different than what you would do with a toddler. When they get used to seeing some thing in trying it the more they’ll be open to...
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    How often do you handle your beardie?

    Pretty much every day!
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