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    Swimming and Dunking

    Yes, hate exercise as well.
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    Had 4 beardies, 1 died last night, new to forum

    Feel sick about the 5 year old that died. He was not getting enough calcium and I was supplementing him but I guess it was too little loo late. Poor guy was gasping on my chest last night. About 30 minutes later dead in his tank. Frankly this is the first time since I was a child that I had...
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    Swimming and Dunking

    I think he's fine. Funny thing is each beardie has its own personality. Our youngest little one will swim. Another one sinks like a rock in anything deep. And the third absolutely hates the water, but he gets a bath anyways.
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    Sick with Grief for Sammy

    Hello, Sammy was only 5 years old and died yesterday. A few weeks ago we noticed he was trembling and so the vet suggested we could still rescue him from calcium bone disease. Poor guy was gasping his last gasps on my chest and I put him down, half an hour later my wife told me he died. He...
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