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    Suddenly Fussy Eater

    He's always been a bit picky with his salads and avoids them most days but he's always eaten his dubias. (usually 30-40 1/2 a day over 3 feedings) Now however he just seems to have a ton of energy and won't sit still enough to eat! I will try out some crickets tonight as we can get them easily...
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    Suddenly Fussy Eater

    My beardie is about 3 months old and has suddenly been very difficult to get to feed. He's showing a TON of energy over the past week and has been very difficult to sit still and eat his dubias. He's always eaten his dubias and has only just now been difficult. I was wondering if this is...
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    Thoughts on my UVB Setup

    Today was the first full day with the UVB inside the tank. He has been hanging out in his usual spaces and even moved over to a spot directly under the UVB for a little bit before returning to his usual basking spot. He seems to be enjoying it a lot. He's been eating normal and living it up in...
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    Thoughts on my UVB Setup

    Hello! I was wondering if my UVB setup is appropriate for my tank. The tank is a 4x2x2 Zen Habitat and the Bulb is a HO T5 10.0 Reptisun in a 36" fixture. When we upgraded his tank I was told that the UVB should cover 2/3 of the tank, so I purchased this fixture. However, after doing more...
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    UVB Light Position.

    Hello all. I just moved my Reptizoo HO T5 10.0 with reflector light inside my beardies viv. I was wondering if this setup is okay or of it would be too close to his lizard lounger. Just looking for the best possible setup for my baby. The viv is a 4'x2'x2' Zen Habitat.
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    Repashy Calcium Plus and Supplement Questions

    So we've had our baby beardie for about a month now. He is around 2-3 months old and we've been trying to figure out a good supplement schedule for him. We are currently using Repshay Calcium plus 3 times a week and Rep-cal Calcium without D3 the other remaining days of the week. I was under the...
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