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    wax worm size and concern

    I have ordered from them for silkworm eggs and chow. I will go through my experience but I do want to start with despite an issue everything was corrected and handled great by their support. So i orderd a comco of silkworm eggs and chow from them. I received the eggs but no chow. Now this was...
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    Been out of the hobby for awhile, Looking to get back in

    Sorry to hear you missed out on the one you posted. Since you are having trouble finding ones available on breeders you know, you may want to check out I went through there for my Wero. More specifically with this seller...
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    shedding behavior ?

    Each beardie is different, but shedding can be annoying for them. Their reaction can range from no real change in behavior at all to leave me the heck alone. From my experience as they get older it seems to have less of an effect.
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    wax worm size and concern

    There are ups and downs to both Dubia and silkworms as far as your own colony. Starting with silkworms hatching their eggs can be a bit tricky, you will want a decently warm area at least (around 80F or a little higher) for the best egg hatching. If you have a small incubator it really does...
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    First time wax worm purchase

    Replied on your other post in feeding.
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    wax worm size and concern

    The wax worms being a soft feeder should not be a problem as long as they are just a little wider as they will get bitten up a bit when feeding. They are a treat feeder though as they are fatty and large amounts can cause problems. I would suggest also adding something like Silkworms and more...
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    Is this the same dragon?

    IMO that's the same dragon, as mentioned with every shed and over time colors can change. In my experience dark markings can tend to fade away, but the reason I think its the same is the lighter v/wishbone shape on the head. I think it would be quite unlikely to have 2 so closely match up. Also...
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    dehydrated greens

    With six to feed I go through salads rather fast, but since I feed 3-4 different things at a time (rotating others in and out for variety) I do end up with large quantities at a time. What I did was to take a shoe box size bin and drilled a bunch of holes in the top. I rinse all the salad and...
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    Black Spots in between scales?

    Yeah to me that look like his leg is going into shed and a little dirty. With the toothbrush I typically do that when soaking/bathing, but it can also just be a damp brush. If its just dirt is should brush off relatively easily. You do want to go in the direction of the scales as that will make...
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    Black Spots in between scales?

    From what I see it looks like just spots where he may have gotten himself dirty in betwen cleanings of his enclosure. When mine get dirty like that I use a very soft toothbrush to gently brush it off. I dont see anything that needs to be worried about.
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    Power outage help!!

    I'm sorry not to have been able to get you a reply sooner to alleviate worries. For short periods of time like an outage the same general thing as night time apply for temps. You don't want them to drop below 65 degrees, in most cases they will simply treat it like night with the heat being of...
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    Reptisun t5 10.0 hood

    I think you were referring to the UVB bulb here. In general your goal is to get it over the basking area as much as it can be (obviously it cant be directly over it as that's where the basking bulb is), placement will go by that. You could angle it so that it runs by basking spot and the hammock...
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    Super newbie

    I myself don't really have a good place for much of anything organic and have not had any problems. I do make sure to wash off all veggies before feeding for any residue that may be on them though. For the glass I have used just plain whit printer paper to cover the sides and back (on the...
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    Super newbie

    Ok so first the temps sound great ( it could be cooler on cold side and be fine but your numbers are good). And the basking spot is right on as well. It appears from the pics that the solar glo is your only UVB source? I have not personally used an all in one bulb like that, so I cant say its...
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